Where Does News Significance Come From? Demystifying Newsworthiness


Have you ever wondered why a seemingly trivial event makes headlines while a major development gets buried? The answer lies in the concept of newsworthiness – the factors that determine a story’s significance and public interest. This article delves into the forces that shape what we see and hear in the news.

The News Values Filter

Journalists rely on a set of filters, often referred to as news values, to sift through the vast amount of information bombarding us daily. These values act as a compass, guiding news selection and shaping what we perceive as newsworthy. Here are some key factors that contribute to newsworthiness:

  • Impact: Does the story affect a large number of people or have significant consequences? A local traffic accident might be newsworthy in a small town, but a national policy change impacting millions would hold greater weight.

  • Timeliness: Is the story happening now or is it a stale development? News outlets prioritize current events, with breaking news taking center stage.

  • Proximity: Events closer to home tend to resonate more with audiences. Local news outlets understand this principle, focusing on stories that directly impact their communities.

  • Prominence: Does the story involve well-known individuals or influential organizations? Bangladesh News outlets recognize the public’s interest in figures of authority or celebrities.

  • Conflict: Humanity is wired to be drawn to conflict. Stories involving disagreements, disputes, or controversies often garner significant attention.

  • Human Interest: Does the story evoke emotions or connect with us on a personal level? Stories that tug at our heartstrings or inspire empathy tend to be highly newsworthy.

  • Novelty: The unusual, bizarre, or unexpected elements can make a story stand out. News outlets understand the public’s fascination with the out-of-the-ordinary.

The Shifting Landscape

It’s important to understand that newsworthiness is not static. What captures public attention can evolve over time, shaped by social, political, and technological factors. For instance, the rise of social media has democratized news, allowing everyday people to share stories that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional media outlets.

Beyond the Formula

While news values provide a framework, there’s more to newsworthiness than just ticking boxes. A journalist’s experience and intuition also play a crucial role. A seemingly ordinary event might be deemed newsworthy because it has the potential to spark important conversations or act as a harbinger of future trends.

The Power of Perspective

Ultimately, where news significance comes from is a complex interplay of factors. By understanding the news values filter and the ever-evolving media landscape, we become more discerning consumers of information. We can then critically evaluate the news we encounter, recognizing its significance and potential impact on our world.


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